Make an Island Themed Jack-O-Lantern!

Make an Island Themed Jack-O-Lantern! Choose your design and get to carving! I have made two designs for my very first Jack-O-Lantern designs and they came out quite fun! You can choose between some bones or a whipping tail!;-)

These designs were fun to come up with! especially having the island theme to them. The stingray although not very scary, makes a really cool looking pumpkin! The Fish Bones gives us more of the creepy crawly love that we all have for this time of year! To get started just scroll down and lets get carving!

Make an Island Themed Jack-O-Lantern!

Materials and Tools:

fresh pumpkin
download templates: Fish Bones or Mr. Stingray
wooden skewer or template wheel
ballpoint pen
carving tools


1. Cut a hole in the pumpkin’s bottom or back and remove the seeds.
2. Print a template onto copier paper.
3. Next, transfer template to pumpkin: Tape the template to the pumpkin then transfer the pattern by repeatedly poking small holes through the template’s design with a wooden skewer, nail or other sharp, pointed object. Another handy tool for transferring a pattern by poking holes is called a template wheel. These are found in many pumpkin-carving kits and make pattern transfer quick and easy.
4. Use the newly transferred lines as your carving guide.

Make an Island Themed Jack-O-Lantern!I am looking forward to seeing any of your finished pumpkins that you would like to share! Click the button to download your favourite pumpkin carving or just download all two and make a underwater adventure theme for your pumpkins this year! Happy Halloween Folks!

Please note: All freebies are ©2017 CaymanArtFix Designs and are for personal use only, thank you!

I hope you have some spooky fun wit these!

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  1. Fantastic! If you do make your island Jack-O-lantern, Please share it with us so we can enjoy as well! Happy Halloween!

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