Christmas Wish Lists!

Christmas Wish lists!!!! They may sound a little behind the time with smart phones kicking about. But I am sure there are a few people out there, including myself who enjoy having a piece of paper to write all the items on their Christmas lists down. If that is you, then I have the perfect printable ready for download!

Its my colourable Christmas wish lists! There is a list just for you, and there is one so that you can keep track of all the gifts you have to buy and give! How perfect right?! These lists come with both one you can colour and one that is already coloured just in case you don’t have the time this season. Which is always very possible…the Christmas rush is a real thing!

Christmas Wish Lists!

Once you print it you have the option of which one you prefer. There is one that is coloured and if you just happen to need to relax and reset during the Christmas rush, there is one for you to fill in and colour. I thought you would appreciate both sets.

These lists are fun because not only is it better to give than receive presents this time of year…its also pretty good to get some of these presents as well! These lists are handy to leave lying around for all the loved ones to see just what you secretly want this Holiday season.:-)

Christmas Wish Lists!

Be on the lookout for our new 2018 Calendar! I have enjoyed spending the last few months bringing you my creations! I thank you all for taking a peek, downloading or signing up for the Happy Art Fix Emails! Looking forward to so much more with you all in 2018!

Christmas Wish Lists!

Please note: Freebies and artwork are ©CaymanArtFix and are for personal use only. 

How to use The Downloads

The printable is a PDF. It is a high print-quality 8.5 × 11 size. Simply click the link, enter your email address and your download should begin automatically. Open it up and get your Christmas Wish and Gift Lists!

I hope you do have a wonderful Christmas!

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Christmas Wish Lists!

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