Chillin in September Colouring Page

Its September and of course I have a great colouring page just for you! Check out our Chillin in September Colouring Page. The heat hasn’t disappeared as yet…I mean we do live in the Caribbean and it has been a really hot few months. But that is no reason this Chillin page doesn’t make perfect company for some relaxation!

If you are doing the mad scramble to get everything in order for the new season or at least to the some resemblance of the perfect balance you had going on before the slower summer months kicked off. Fear Not! I am with you, I am completely missing the slower part of summer. That’s why I thought a relaxing colouring page would be welcomed.¬†Chillin in September Colouring Page

This colouring page is all about chillin…hence the name. I know your schedule has probably picked up, with all of the end of year events starting to come to fruition. So I wanted to share this page because it pretty much allows you to get swept away for a few hours.:-)

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But as September continues to rage on take out your markers or crayons, order you a frosty beverage and enjoy chillin with the September colouring page.

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