Happy Boxing Day From Cayman Art Fix!

Happy Boxing Day From Cayman Art Fix! Its the day after Christmas and I hope you all enjoyed time with family, friends and wonderful holiday libations! The holidays sure can be counted on for the food! At least in my family! It is a real treat when you arrive at Christmas dinner! Continue Reading

A DIY Christmas Card!

A DIY Christmas Card to Colour! Now I know it seems like a crazy deal to even think that you have time to colour during the seasonal rush. But…if you take a minute to hear me out, you wont regret giving this card a download. This colourable Christmas card is a two for one!

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Christmas Wish Lists!

Christmas Wish lists!!!! They may sound a little behind the time with smart phones kicking about. But I am sure there are a few people out there, including myself who enjoy having a piece of paper to write all the items on their Christmas lists down. If that is you, then I have the perfect printable ready for download!

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A Pirate Ship to Colour! Its Pirates Week Folks!

A Pirate Ship to Colour! Its Pirates Week Folks! The annual Carnival has kicked off in the sister isles and is about to kick off on Grand Cayman. All of the buzz has been everywhere! I mean who isn’t ready to dress up like a pirate and roam the streets of George Town. After all “its a Pirates life” is not just a saying this week! I have a great colouring page to help you kick off the festival in grandeur.

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Pumpkin This or Pumpkin That – Coloring Page Fun!

Its pumpkin this or pumpkin that – and I am no better because I have a pumpkin coloring page just for you all! It is getting closer to that day when the kids invade the neighbours and start asking for candy…of course this awesome candy if you are anything like me goes into a zip-lock bag to be lost in the back of the fridge until Christmas. But its all in the name of enjoying this time of year to the fullest. So pop out your pumpkin coloured pencils and check out this month’s colouring page!

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