Are you a colouring addict that simply can’t stop buying new books, or are you someone that prefers to pick and choose images depending on your mood?


Warning: You may have a full fledged colouring addiction that can’t and won’t be tamed!

Dear colouring addict…I am so happy to let you know….you are not alone! Here at Cayman Art Fix you will find a world filled with colouring pages and organisers, where the only limit is your imagination, and a fantastic excuse to let your mind escape to the pristine beaches and island life of Cayman.

Can’t go a day without getting your colouring fix?

I cant either! Let me reassure you that you’ve definitely landed in the right place, and I’m here to help you feed the colouring beast that is lurking inside!


What you’ll find at Cayman Art Fix

Inside this colouring fix site, you’ll get island themed colouring pages, colouring e-books and organizers that make you want to bust out the pens, crayons, markers or even office supplies and enhance your calm while you colour visually engaging images.

I’ll be writing informative blog posts about:

  • Tropical colouring pages which are based on my island life above and below the water.
  • Monthly Printable Calendars that feature moments from the Cayman Calendar…drawn and digitally coloured by me for your printable enjoyment! I also have a colourable calendar for 2018 which you can check out HERE!
  • Colourable Organizers that allow you to make them pretty… write down your chores and colour a few circles…no one will notice!

Of course, Cayman Art Fix is also a place for me to show off all the beautiful coloured pages that you’ve completed. Nothing pleases me more than seeing one of my blank colouring pages brought to life!

Enhance your peace with Colouring..


So I don’t wanna sound like the phone police, or a nag, but I’m going to guess you’re a bit like myself and spend a fair chunk of the day with your smartphone glued to your hand? Yes…and if not, maybe you’re at a desk all day staring at a screen (double guilty over here) with your eyes slowly turning rectangular? Or have an endless to-do list (triple guilty) that seems like you need another to-do list to cover the one you already have going?

You know what I think?


Your world is super busy and your brain deserves a break. Give yourself a chance to step away from the electronic shackles that your mobile phone or computer have on you, and reap some Zen rewards. Your brain will thank you…

If you’re already in the habit of colouring, you’ve probably realised that it is one of the best ways to express your innermost feelings or mood at that particular time. Colouring also encourages you to be wholly present and focus on the task at hand, which is something that seems almost impossible in the fast paced, full-of-distractions world we live in.

In essence, colouring brings on a state of mindfulness and relaxation, and is the perfect tool to help even the busiest of brains find some Zen.

So with all this Zen, I am here to help you explore some of my perfectly crafted island images that will truly help you keep calm and colour on –  just like the addictive colouring rock-star that you are!



My name is Kristi and I am OBSESSED with drawing and colouring! The wobbly lines, the imperfect circles and the smudgy fingerprints are right up my alley! My artwork is done by hand, drawn in pencil first, then redrawn in ink. The fun for me is in the intricate details and the familiar sights from around the island that I use in all of my drawings. I do my best to try and craft images that invite you to slow down and enjoy the art piece a little closer! Remember to keep an eye out for the oddball image in my drawings..I am quirky like that.



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And hey, thanks for being here. I genuinely appreciate it…and you.

Happy Colouring!