A DIY Christmas Card!

A DIY Christmas Card to Colour! Now I know it seems like a crazy deal to even think that you have time to colour during the seasonal rush. But…if you take a minute to hear me out, you wont regret giving this card a download. This colourable Christmas card is a two for one!

So are being driven mad by how quickly the holidays have come? With everything you need to get and ensure is wrapped and placed under the tree…So this post is all about you and If you just need a little downtime by your desk during the holiday rush.

So follow these instructions very carefully…take a breath, scroll down this post and see the pretty card I coloured:-) but keep going and give this card a print – now colour it! The result of this exercise is that you got some downtime and now you have a really great card with that personal touch to give to your friends and family. Win – Win if you ask me!

A DIY Christmas Card!

This Santa and Rudolf Christmas card is too fun to pass up. You can only imagine what they are on the rock wall laughing about! This card is charming and has a bit of Cayman flare. Check out the historic Caymanian cottage in the background and the remnants of the freshly placed Christmas sand, in preparation of old Saint Nick’s arrival.

A DIY Christmas Card!

As you can see I couldn’t resist and had to give this DIY Christmas card a go! I love the way the colour brings everything to life much like it will for you! Now tell me that is not a really cute card?!

Be on the lookout as I am going to be bringing you a
holiday e-card shop! 

But until then, this card is a fun way to get out of your head, take the Christmas rush down a few notches and share in the joy of giving someone a really personalized card this season. Click the button below to get your copy of the Santa and Reindeer card!

Please note: Freebies and artwork are ©CaymanArtFix and are for personal use only. 

How to use The Downloads

The printable is a PDF. It is a high print-quality 8.5 × 11 size. Simply click the link, enter your email address and your download should begin automatically. Open it up and get your DIY Christmas card. I recommend printing on 67lb cardstock – it allows you to use any colouring medium you like and allows it to feel and look like a store bought card;-)

Hope you are enjoying the season!

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A DIY Christmas Card!

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