5 Things That Pretty Much Always Happen Around Valentine’s Day

Every Valentine’s Day card in history was signed on the dashboard on a car in the Pharmacy’s parking lot – unknown.  I saw this written somewhere and thought – Love it!

We all know Valentines day is approaching, sometimes you completely forget about the day of love and other times you spend outrageous amounts of money (hopefully you consider me when doing this!). But there are some tell tale signs that truly get you ready for the Day of Love…<3 <3

1. Sneaky heart shaped items start to pop up in every place imaginable.


2. Pinterest is your new friend as it wheels its magic on tips and tricks because your clueless what to even get this Valentine’s Day.


3. Someone who forgot about the holiday will shed a single tear at the sight of a ravaged Valentine’s Day aisle in the supermarket…


4. A significant other will give a wholehearted attempt at a DIY gift.

Luckily, I have just the DIY for you! Keep your day all the way stress free and give your partner this fantastic island card. Bonus with this DIY…you can unwind, reset and relax as you colour this card! Keep the stress down and let the sexy times role! Even if there are no sexy times to be had- This card is blank on the inside…and can be given to whomever you want! 🙂 Share the love boo boo!













5. And last but not least…a partner who thought ahead of time for their S.O. will kick back and watch as everyone else scrambles to plan for Valentine’s Day.

(cough…cough – up above is a great gift)


Happy V-Day Fans!





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