Colour your way into an organised year with my 2018 colouring calendar

Colouring makes the world a little better…don’t you think? I certainly do…but I am quite addicted to colouring, doodling, making things pretty and to do lists! Say that ten times fast!

Just kidding….writing everything down that I have to accomplish, definitely keeps me moving and organised. Who doesn’t love the moment you get to run a line through a written goal because you have crushed it? Well if you are anything like me, I have something pretty terrific for people like us who loves any excuse to “prettify” your organising!


I’ve always been drawn to pretty planners because I like to write everything down. Honestly putting a to do list in my phone doesn’t help. As technologically savvy as I may be I love having a piece of paper in front of me that can also keep the creative urges flowing. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t live my day-to-day life without a planner, notebook and to-do list by my side. Are you the same? I hear ya, sister.

2018 colouring calendar


I love planners because it is the perfect excuse to use highlighters, glittery gel pens and stickers – something an app on your phone just doesn’t allow you to do. Paper, for that reason alone,  still has a very special place in my heart.


2018 colouring calendar

So are you a fan of good ol’ fashioned paper planners like myself? A bit of an addict when it comes to colouring? Why not take a look at 2018 Colouring Calender on Etsy. Oh, and you can nab yourself 10% off with promo code PLANNERADDICT10 if you decide to buy it.

Colouring and planning combined what a fantastic way to spruce up your desk or just keep yourself organised with something pretty of your own creation.

2018 colouring calendar

After releasing Colour Me Cayman, and pouring my absolute heart and soul into making my first self-published colouring book, I wanted to make use of the designs in another format (because it took me a whole lot of hardwork to pull all those illustrations together), and that’s how my 2018 Colouring Calendar came to life.

2018 colouring calendar

It’s also perfect for printing and putting on a clipboard around the house, in the office, or even for sticking into a planner or journal. This beautiful 8.5 x11 Calendar is perfect to print and cant be missed!

Here’s a snapshot of the gorgeous illustrations you’ll get to colour each month:

12 cute and quirky designs to colour

★ JANUARY – Cayman Home
★ FEBRUARY – Lovers Wall
★ MARCH – Turtles
★ APRIL – Catboats
★ MAY – Discovery Day
★ JUNE – Botanic Park
★ JULY – Pedro St James
★ AUGUST – Divers and their Groupers
★ SEPTEMBER – The Old Homestead
★ OCTOBER – The Brac Autumn Festival
★ NOVEMBER – Parrots
★ DECEMBER – Lobster Season


Pssst, don’t forget that you can nab yourself 10% off with promo code PLANNERADDICT10.




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